Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY Craze

Like many others, I too have been affected greatly by the state of our economy. Even little things like getting my nails done, or going to the movies every weekend seem like luxuries that I used to take so much for granted. Anyway, enough of the whining. My life isn't that bad, so I really shouldn't complain. My point is, I have had to cut back on things. I've been doing my own nails, and not just flat boring solid colors. I've been attempting to do patterns and playing with glitter, which you can see in my previous posts. I can't say it's something that I had to get used to, because I like to take up any opportunity to be crafty and creative. For example, I never buy cards. Birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, etc... I ALWAYS make them myself. It's something I've enjoyed doing since I was a kid. But now it has expanded to greater ventures and realizing that I don't have to spend a fortune. So now, on to the real purpose of this post.

DIY. I love the whole DIY concept. It's crazy all the cool things you can create on your own. I came across this post on honestlywtf on the DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet. I'm kind of obsessed. Although it seems a little too technical for me, I must attempt it. I mean, I can't even grasp the concept of knitting, which I find to be quite pathetic of me. But the bracelet is really cute, and I would definitely feel a sense of accomplishment if I could conquer it. And it sure beats paying $185 for the original by Giles & Brother. How can I resist?

For the step-by-step tutorial, click here.


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  2. thank you so much! I will definitely be sure to check out your blog :)